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Forge installation issues


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I have some issues with the installation of the currently recommendet Forge version "forge-1.11.2-" and need help.

I just downloaded the newest version of Minecraft and also updated Java. Then I opened the forge installation file and used the prescribed options.
After installing this Error message shows up and i cannot use Forge (see attached Picture).

Can someone help me with this problem?

Kind regards

Error Message Forge.PNG

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My computer is continiously connected to the internet via LAN connection and i didn't had any connection issues lately.

I tryed it again with my firewall disabled and some extendet configurations for Java.

Unfortunatly it did not resolve the problem and i get the same error message.

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On 2017-3-7 at 5:32 PM, diesieben07 said:
  • Hold down shift and right-click an empty space, then select "Open command window here".


I can't do this step, sorry, my english isn't very high lvl

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