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Chat Handling, need some help.


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Hey there, I'm currently working on a prefixing plugin, but I'm currently stuck with a username problem.


Currently I have to insert the prefix into the username, which is obviously a no-no because it causes the client to crash for having a username greater than 16 characters. So far I've determine that by implementing IChatListener I can modify the message and I can get the player with the NetHandler, but I cannot find a way to modify the rest of the message. So let me provide some examples:


Normal Chat: <Favorlock> message


Desired Chat: [prefix] <Favorlock> message


If possible I would like to change the brackets around the username as well, but seeing as I can't find a way to edit anything but the username and the message I'm at a loss. Any suggestions, tips, pointers? Anything would be appreciated.

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Yeah, I finally got it to work. I didn't quite grasp how to use it properly when I first tried but then by going through some of the minecraft code trying to understand the chat system finally understood how it all worked. Works great now. My chat prefixing mod works perfectly with the permission system my friend and I wrote.

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