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Sending Entity information to the Client


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I made a Throwing Knife with different kinds of materials. The material is depedent on the itemID and every material differently. But when i render it the int itemID is 0.

But it shouldn't.

Is there a way of sending this int to the client?


public EntityThrow(World par1World, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, float par3, ItemMaterial Material, int ID)
    	this.damage = Material.efficiency/1.5;
    	this.renderDistanceWeight = 10.0D;
        this.shootingEntity = par2EntityLiving;

        if (par2EntityLiving instanceof EntityPlayer)
            this.canBePickedUp = 1;
        this.itemID = ID;

        this.setSize(0.5F, 0.5F);
        this.setLocationAndAngles(par2EntityLiving.posX, par2EntityLiving.posY + (double)par2EntityLiving.getEyeHeight(), par2EntityLiving.posZ, par2EntityLiving.rotationYaw, par2EntityLiving.rotationPitch);
        this.posX -= (double)(MathHelper.cos(this.rotationYaw / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI) * 0.16F);
        this.posY -= 0.10000000149011612D;
        this.posZ -= (double)(MathHelper.sin(this.rotationYaw / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI) * 0.16F);
        this.setPosition(this.posX, this.posY, this.posZ);
        this.yOffset = 0.0F;
        this.motionX = (double)(-MathHelper.sin(this.rotationYaw / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI) * MathHelper.cos(this.rotationPitch / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI));
        this.motionZ = (double)(MathHelper.cos(this.rotationYaw / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI) * MathHelper.cos(this.rotationPitch / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI));
        this.motionY = (double)(-MathHelper.sin(this.rotationPitch / 180.0F * (float)Math.PI));
        this.setThrowableHeading(this.motionX, this.motionY, this.motionZ, par3 * 1.5F, 1.0F);

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You may also need to create custom packets as well depending on what you want to do with the entity once you've created it.

Do what diesieben07 said and add the implements IEntityAdditionalSpawnData and the two methods required to read and write spawn data.


You basically just write in an order which pieces of data you want to load on the spawn and then read in the same order like






you need to read it the same order





There's no place like ~/

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