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[1.11.2] get EntityPlayer NBT data well Entity in general ??

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good days

im solving some other trouble for i wanna create a custom inventory in chest|armours named "chestInventory"  and add it to the entity and works with it like it was only one big inventory but without mess the vanilla


for what im making a custom inventory helper the plan is to read and write  the inventory directly from the entity compound


but i don't find the method to get the vanilla nbttag i just get the custom nbt whit 



a little text to understand better

i have this testing item on entity swing it create the object from mi class and it must show in the console output all the inventory from the entity
















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done now
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More or less

i don't want to attach a new inventory to the entity but to the the custom chest-plate item and some costume backpacks

but i need to read/write  the entity inventories (main + hand's + costume)   as whole  

as i plane to make mobs with guns and items i require this code to works also in that


the trouble is that the inventories in entityPlayer "NonNullList<ItemStack>" are different from the inventories in entities like zombies villagers and cows "Iterable<ItemStack>"

In nbttag-level they are more universal all is inside the tag "Inventory", 10   so just whit a pair of methods to read from and write to nbttagcompund i could spare a good piece of code


what i want ?

let's speak of the items i updating right now,


Chainsaw this item uses "suspencionderedstone" as fuel to work

soo if the chainsaw has no fuel the reload routine must be something like


 if ( the player has suspencion de redstone in main inventory ){

consume that and play reload animation


else if( the player has suspencion de redstone in  chest|backpack|briefcase inventory )


consume that and play reload animation



don't du anything



and the the fireguns

in mod you could unload munition from the guns to change it for another type of munition or load another gun

i have normally three types of munition per gun      steel, Redstone, obsidian


lets say i have a big magazine with 53 bullets the unload routine would be something like


int magazinemunition = "magazine bullets";


inventarioHandler invh = new inventarioHandler(EntityPlayer);


int howmanybulletsfitinmaininventory = invh.howmanyfitinmain( modItems.bullet556 );

int howmanybulletsfitinchestinventory = invh.howmanyfitinchest( modItems.bullet556 );


if(  magazinemunition   >= ( howmanybulletsfitinmaininventory + howmanybulletsfitinchestinventory  ) )


play animation for all 53 bullets,

set the munition to the player inventories and let

zero bullets in the magazine




play animation for what fits bullets,

set the munition to the player inventories only what is possible

and let the remaining bullets in the magazine




this is mi code



Thanks for reading

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