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Hi guys,


My kid and I usually play minecraft together (right now 1.10.2 server). I'm a really seasoned software development professional (30+ years) , so I was wandering why is that you can't support older versions of the mods (not saying 10 versions, just a couple) using a Facade pattern or something like that. I don't think you're newbies so don't think I pretend to judge you, it can be impossible or really hard to do so. But, being an expert in ESB, I'm really experienced with the pattern. And as my kid (8 yo) likes to play MC a LOT, with me, but he also likes to use the latest version and loves his mods, I'll gladly help you with the architecture or coding you would need. You know my mail. BTW, it's been a long time since I used Scala or Java, but I can manage to be up to date quickly.



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The problem is: Minecraft does not have an API. Things change in whichever way Mojang decides to. It is not straightforward at all, if even possible, to keep facades around for every possible old version and still maintain compatibility between mods.

The problem is that Minecraft Modding is not a pretty enterprise-software development world full of fairies and backwards compatibility. Mods hack into Minecraft's (and Forge's, sadly) internals using reflection or even class bytecode modification (the latter of which is Forge's bread and butter).


If you manage to code up a facade system for all this... mess, go right ahead, it would be great. But things like that require huge amounts of manpower (which needs to be paid for!) and maintenance. It's work enough to maintain the one or two versions we have.

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