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[1.12] Changes to KeyBinding causing a problem


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I have defined several keys for use by a mod, by defining each as a KeyBinding, and registering each by ClientRegistry.registerKeyBinding().

This has been working OK up to 1.11.2, but has hit a problem when I updated to 1.12.

Minecraft crashes when entering Options => Controls, and I can see why:

I have provided a custom category for all of the bound keys, so that they will all appear grouped under a heading for my mod in the Options => Controls screen. What has happened in 1.12 is that several changes have been made to the net.minecraft.client.settings.KeyBinding.class.  

There is a private static final Map attribute called field_193627_d and this is filled with a set of key category descriptions, each mapped to an integer.

E.g. field_193627_d.put("key.categories.inventory", Integer.valueOf(3));

Of course, my custom key category doesn't appear here, and there doesn't seem to be a way I can add it.

This wouldn't be a problem, except there is now a compareTo() method on KeyBinding, which is called (indirectly) from net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiKeyBindingList - and this fails with a NullPointerException because my custom category is unrecognised.


I have worked around this, by assigning my key bindings to one of the existing categories, but this isn't ideal, as I would like to be able to group my mod's keys together like I did previously, and of course anybody else who writes a mod that binds keys will probably have to put theirs into the same group, which begins to get messy.


I wonder whether anyone has any suggestions as to how to improve the key binding mechanism in 1.12? 

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The announcement box at the top of this forum says: 


Forge for 1.12   06/10/17

Forge for 1.12 is still in early development. Do not use it yet, crashes and bugs are to be expected.

So to answer your question, no, there isn't currently a fix. Be patient, forge for 1.12 has only just come out, let them fix all the bugs first, it's probably already on the todo list.

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Thanks, Alpvax.

I was well aware that it's very early days for the 1.12 builds. I don't think this is a bug in Forge, and that's certainly not why I posted. I noticed that work had been going on in the Mojang code in this area which has affected the way we have to do things, and thought I'd bring that to people's attention, along with asking if anyone had any suggestions.

I actually have a workaround which is fine. 

Better will be some adaptation that allows everyone to specify their own 'keybinding categories' - but I didn't think it was the kind of thing anyone would look into unless someone mentioned the change that had occurred. That's all.

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12 minutes ago, Verdelet said:

What's the workaround? I get the same crash but I have no custom category for keybinds. I just started a new world and want to up the mouse sensitivity.

This might not be applicable to your situation, then, but since my crash is caused by binding keys to an undefined category, I just assigned them to a category which is defined, but is not currently used for anything: "key.categories.ui".

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