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Forge Crashes With Items Inside "Mods" Folder


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Upon selecting which Forge version you wish to launch from and clicking play, the game starts loading but immediately following the Minecraft Launcher closing, it may reopen with this crash message. I tried Forge 1.11.2 -, Forge 1.11.2 -, and Forge 1.12 -, all of which crashed. I decided to investigating the issue, and I decided to delete all files within the "mods" folder. There were four mods and an empty folder named "1.11" within the "mods" folder. After deleting the folder's components, I relaunched Minecraft to see if issue had been resolved, and it was - Forge then loaded fine without any crashes. Does Forge not work properly when there's a folder within the "mods" folder, or could it have been one of the mods I had downloaded? This is simply something for the developers to look into if they don't already know, or if you're a fellow Minecraft player and you're having a similar issue, try deleting any files within the "mods" folder and try relaunching Minecraft. Thanks for the help, it's appreciated.




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A folder named "1.11" with mods inside will only load those mods on Minecraft version 1.11...if you are using 1.11.2 name it as such. Also be sure the mods that you downloaded were for the correct Minecraft version, not all mods work across game versions.

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