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[1.10.2][Solved] Entities spawning and dying rapidly when player is high up


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I got the following bug report:


A weird problem seemingly caused by the rapid respawning of entities when you're above Y level 180 that causes extreme fps loss.

  1. Open SP with Rocket Squids
  2. Find an ocean
  3. Fly above Y level 180
  4. RIP FPS
  • Rocket Squids Version: 1.0 (Installed via the Curse/Twitch client, possibly out of date?)
  • Forge Version:

I tried this out and got the same thing. I added a print statement to the entity constructor and setDead, and lots of my mobs were being created and quickly killed each second on client and server side when I flew above 180. As far as I know I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I can show other code but here is the stuff which is probably relevant:


Entity and spawn registration (EntityRocketSquid is the problem, and possibly EntityBabyRocketSquid which extends EntityRocketSquid)


    public void Init(FMLInitializationEvent event)
        //Register Entities with EntityRegistry
        //Last three params are for tracking: trackingRange, updateFrequency and sendsVelocityUpdates
        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityRocketSquid.class, "rocketsquid", 0, instance, 64, 10, true);
        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityThrownSac.class, "nitroinksac", 1, instance, 64, 10, true);
        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityThrownTube.class, "turbotube", 2, instance, 64, 10, true);
        EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityBabyRocketSquid.class, "babyrs", 4, instance, 64, 10, true);

        //Other Rocket Squid info
        EntityRegistry.addSpawn(EntityRocketSquid.class, spawnProb, minGrpSize, maxGrpSize, EnumCreatureType.WATER_CREATURE,
                Biomes.DEEP_OCEAN, Biomes.OCEAN, Biomes.RIVER, Biomes.SWAMPLAND);
        EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.setPlacementType(EntityRocketSquid.class, EntityLiving.SpawnPlacementType.IN_WATER);
        EntityRegistry.registerEgg(EntityRocketSquid.class, 9838110, 16744192);


Config setup in PreInit


        Configuration config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());
        spawnProb = config.getInt("spawnProb", "Spawning", 4, 1, 100, "Weighted probability of a group spawning");
        minGrpSize = config.getInt("minGroupSize", "Spawning", 2, 1, 20, "Smallest possible size of a group");
        maxGrpSize = config.getInt("maxGroupSize", "Spawning", 5, 1, 40, "Largest possible size of a group");
        if(maxGrpSize < minGrpSize)
            maxGrpSize = minGrpSize;


EntityRocketSquid constructor


public EntityRocketSquid(World par1World)
        //Set size of bounding box. par1=length and width; par2=height.
        //Normal squids are 0.8F, 0.8F. Previous: 1.1F, 1.1F
        this.setSize(0.99F, 0.99F);
        this.squidCap = this.getCapability(RocketSquidsBase.SQUIDCAP, null);
        this.playerRotated = false;
        this.breedCooldown = Short.MAX_VALUE;
        if(par1World.isRemote) {
        System.out.println("Constructing new Rocket Squid - "+(par1World.isRemote ? "client" : "server"));
        this.isBaby = false;


If you want, you can see the code for yourself here.

Where have I gone wrong?

Thanks for reading.


UPDATE: Rocket Squids had canDespawn returning true. The sea level is at about y=63, and y=180 is almost 128 blocks away, which is the distance required to despawn an entity if it can be despawned. So the immediate despawning is perfectly normal. So the question isn't why are they spawning and dying, but why so many of them are spawning.

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It turns out the spawning and despawning is completely normal (looks super inefficient to me but there you go). The problem was that in my constructor I would register each object on the event bus, so so many event handlers would end up being called that the framerate would go down.


So the takeaway is: only register on the event bus when you need to start listening for events, and unregister when you don't need to any more.

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