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[1.11.2] Custom EntityItem dropped in a random pattern


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I have created an Item named "Potassium" which extends the Item class.

I have overridden the methods Item#hasCustomEntity and Item#createEntity in order for it to drop a custom EntityItem. In full, the class appears as below:


public class ItemPotassium extends Item{
	public ItemPotassium(){
	public boolean hasCustomEntity(ItemStack stack){
		return true;
	public Entity createEntity(World world, Entity location, ItemStack itemStack){
		return new EntityItemPotassium(world, location.posX, location.posY, location.posZ, new ItemStack(this));



This EntityItem will explode and delete itself when it touches water, and the code for the EntityItemPotassium class appears as below:


public class EntityItemPotassium extends EntityItem{
	private static int printCount;
	public EntityItemPotassium(World worldIn, double x, double y, double z, ItemStack stack){
		super(worldIn, x, y, z, stack);
		System.out.printf("(%s, %s, %s) %s", this.motionX, this.motionY, this.motionZ, ++printCount);
	public void onUpdate(){
		if(this.world.getBlockState(new BlockPos(this)).getMaterial() == Material.WATER){
			world.createExplosion(null, this.posX, this.posY, this.posZ, 0.1F, false);




The item works as intended, and when thrown into water, it explodes and removes itself as required. However, when the item is dropped by pressing 'Q' or dragged and dropped outside of the inventory, it drops randomly around the player as if it were dropped from a block, rather than dropped by the player. I have added lines which print the motion in which the item is dropped, and the results from 20 drops are in the spoiler below:


(-0.037959955632686615, 0.20000000298023224, -0.09124404937028885) 1
(0.04281458258628845, 0.20000000298023224, -0.025239011272788048) 2
(-0.0441775806248188, 0.20000000298023224, -0.08435092866420746) 3
(0.06447163224220276, 0.20000000298023224, -0.07456856220960617) 4
(0.04112672433257103, 0.20000000298023224, -0.012792765162885189) 5
(0.06833070516586304, 0.20000000298023224, 0.014344688504934311) 6
(-0.05937396362423897, 0.20000000298023224, 0.07921340316534042) 7
(-0.0014830060536041856, 0.20000000298023224, 0.032799966633319855) 8
(0.03759485483169556, 0.20000000298023224, 0.016611535102128983) 9
(0.013957034796476364, 0.20000000298023224, 0.0754539743065834) 10
(-0.05888323113322258, 0.20000000298023224, 0.051614634692668915) 11
(0.06293215602636337, 0.20000000298023224, -0.009981697425246239) 12
(0.06436074525117874, 0.20000000298023224, -0.01514304056763649) 13
(0.009490793570876122, 0.20000000298023224, 0.01683310978114605) 14
(0.007202099077403545, 0.20000000298023224, -0.06770595163106918) 15
(-0.07425859570503235, 0.20000000298023224, -0.05302897095680237) 16
(-0.05347992107272148, 0.20000000298023224, 0.009333755820989609) 17
(0.017328904941678047, 0.20000000298023224, 0.0908999890089035) 18
(-0.09394127130508423, 0.20000000298023224, -0.026297228410840034) 19
(-0.021045124158263206, 0.20000000298023224, -0.05310024693608284) 20



It appears that the item is always dropped as if it were dropped from the block, but I am unable to find reference code that differentiates between a player throwing an item and a block dropping an item within the EntityItem class. I feel like I'm missing something very obvious here, so any help would be gladly appreciated.

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