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[1.12] Rewriting my mod, some questions


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Hi !

I created a small mod but I didn't realize the system I used was bad for adding more content. So I decided to rewrite my mod so it's easier to add new content and to allow modders to add their own content to my mod.

But I have some general questions before rewriting my mod.


1) The system I use to save my Tile Entity's data. Basically, my mod adds 2 types of blocks : controllers and devices. A device is controlled by 0 to N controllers. You can link a device to a controller by shift-right-clicking the device then shift-right-clicking the controller. This is the basis of my mod. The controller TileEntity stores it's data + all data from every linked device, whereas the device TileEntity only stores his data + the position of all controllers controlling the device. Both use Capabilities. This way I can easily update the controller when the device data changed. But it seems to be a huge use of useless space in NBT data, and the only way to "identify" the device is from it's BlockPos.

Instead, should I store controllers datas and devices datas in the World itself ? Each controller/device will have an identifier (integer), and only this identifier will be stored in the TE data. And for the controller for example, I will store which device is linked to the controller using a list of device IDs.

If this is more optimized, should I use a WorldSavedData or a Capability ? (basically, I'll be storing a Map<Integer, DeviceData> (or just a List<DeviceData>, though) containing all devices in the world).


2) Using Java 8 features, does this custom IMessageHandler implementation work for both sides ?


public interface ICustomMessageHandler<REQ extends IMessage> extends IMessageHandler<REQ, IMessage> {

	default IMessage onMessage(REQ message, MessageContext ctx) {
		WirelessRedstoneControl.proxy.getThreadListener(ctx).addScheduledTask(() -> {
			onMessage_(message, ctx);
		return null;

	public void onMessage_(REQ message, MessageContext ctx);


public class ClientProxy implements IProxy {

	public IThreadListener getThreadListener(MessageContext ctx) {
		return Minecraft.getMinecraft();


public class ServerProxy implements IProxy {

	public IThreadListener getThreadListener(MessageContext ctx) {
		return (WorldServer) ctx.getServerHandler().player.world;


Thanks for answering :)

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