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Spawning structure with Templates problem.


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I recently used Templates to spawn structures using the Template. I was impressed at how easy it is to use whith the structure block format. (NBT file). But I have a problem where when the structure spawns some torches they drop and are not placed on the walls. It seems to affect specific torches. I used MCEDIT to export the structure as vanilla only allows 32x32 structures. My structure size is 109x41x51. I know the size is big but I don't think that's the problem. Only some torches are affected by this.(Even paintings, flowerpots, chests with items) spawn ok. (Maybe MCEDIT has an issue when creating the NBT file?). Here's my code:
(the #randomRot method just returns a random Rotation)

Template template = getTemplate("my_structure", world);
PlacementSettings placementsettings = (new PlacementSettings()).setMirror(Mirror.NONE).setRotation(randomRot(rand)).setIgnoreEntities(false).setChunk((ChunkPos)null).setReplacedBlock((Block)null).setIgnoreStructureBlock(false);
 if (template != null){
       template.addBlocksToWorld(world, new BlockPos(randX, finalY, randZ), placementsettings);
       System.out.println("Created structure at " + randX + " // " + randZ);



And the #getTemplate method:

private Template getTemplate(String fileName, World world){

    WorldServer worldserver = (WorldServer)world;
    MinecraftServer minecraftserver = world.getMinecraftServer();
    TemplateManager templatemanager = worldserver.getStructureTemplateManager();
    return templatemanager.get(minecraftserver, new ResourceLocation(MyMod.MODID, fileName));

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