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[1.12] allowing players to change mod loot tables?


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I've been very hard pressed to find a way to allow my players to edit a custom loot table for one of my mods.
I went through all the trouble of converting my old system to use loot tables because I thought It was the "correct" way to do things now and everyone I've asked says it's not possible.

It's just a loot bag that drops from trees. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/birds-nests

Is there ANY way to let my players edit my loot table with their own drops?

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Solved but can't delete this, so here's a solution for those that come later:
Drop your loot table in on a per world basis under 
"World_name/data/loot_tables/[modid]/yourTable.json" or "World_name/data/loot_tables/[modid]/chests/yourTable.json" or whatever is in your assets dir for loot tables.

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