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Starting a small server of light competiton.

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(Before this starts, let me say that i'm not very keyboard savvy and Might screw this up. A lot. )

Hello! I'm here to ask if anyone Would like to participate in a simple minecraft game, My idea behind this is to get about three other players,(maybe you reading this :D ?)  and making two team that split at start.

The first team to reach certain objectives wins. This challenge is designed around mods and may take more then one day, and is more of a fun server to talk and make friends.

(The server is dedicated.)  Who ever participates, (if any) Will also be picking & choosing mods for the server! I want to make it as enjoyable as i can and i plan to quite a few. 

WARNING: If you want to play you need discord! This is for choosing the mods and keeping server info private! It is only text, no voice.


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