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Hegemony is an MMORPG server set in a world parallel to 15th-18th century Europe, which is within the Renaissance period. This is essentially the theme of the server. The server is completely custom with features never seen anywhere else and we aim for nothing short of perfection. Our development staff and player base is currently made up of inclusive, hard-working, and respectful people, and we would love for you to join us and be apart of a tight-knit community! Currently the server is only open on weekends and special occasions, as it is still in the development process.


Server features include:

  • 30+ unique skills
  • 30,000+ custom items
  • 10,000+ custom recipes
  • Custom Combat System
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Custom Mobs, Custom Weapons and Armours (Custom Everything!)
  • Breathtaking Realistic Open World (Completely Handcrafted)
  • Epic Storyline and Quests
  • Dynamic NPCs and Economy
  • Conquer and Hold In-Game Locations
  • Instances and Dungeons
  • Pickpocketing
  • Unique Factions
  • Tournaments




Wallpaper of Hegemony

Wallpaper of Hegemony

Custom Items and Crafting Example

Custom Weapons System

Economic System



If you’re an interested in learning more about the server (whether as a player or aspiring staff member), visit the following links:



We do not appreciate staff hunters or simply power hungry people. And no, we don't have admin, moderator, and helper positions.

We are in need of the following positions:

  • Skin Artists: Designs the skins for our NPCs
  • Writers: Writes our quests, main storyline, NPC dialogue, etc.
  • Builders: Builds the server’s shops, buildings, landscapes, etc.


To Apply:

You will apply via email (email listed below). Please follow the instructions below within the spoilers for how we recommend you applying for the position you’d like.




  1. Name the subject line of your email to [email protected] as the 6th digit of Pi.

  2. In the actual email itself, tell us a little about yourself and your building experiences. Then, answer the following questions:

    1. What is focal depth?

    2. What is detail?

    3. What is scale?

    4. How many materials should be used for a build?

    5. What is the most valuable asset of a building site?

    6. What architectural aspect are you strongest/most interested in?

  3. Provide a portfolio of your work.

  4. Submit your email application for approval.




  1. Name the subject line of your email to [email protected] as the 6th digit of Pi.

  2. In the actual email itself, tell us a little about yourself and your writing experiences. Then, provide a sample backstory of an NPC that would fit to the theme of the server (theme explained in Introduction).

  3. Submit your email application for approval.

Skin Artists:


  1. Name the subject line of your email to [email protected] as the 6th digit of Pi.

  2. In the actual email itself, tell us a little about yourself and your skin artist experiences. Then, provide a portfolio of your work.

  3. Submit your email application to for approval.


If you have any questions, please ask!

Note: I am not the owner of the Hegemony Server. I am a Hegemony Archivist/Annalist here to answer some questions, make/edit threads, and more.

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(The previous edit of this only said bump because I was in a hurry. It has been re-edited)

We are still looking for more recruiters! Our server just went through world expansion, expanding the world to 1,000 x 2,000 blocks! The world will now be even more grand and intricate!

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We are still interested in more recruits as our playerbase is growing daily. As of now, we've completed the builds of the Innsbruck Town Hall and a Sawmill, implemented a servant girl NPC, and improved/fixed more miscellaneous features! Click the spoiler for pictures!



Innsbruck Town Hall


Servant Girl NPC





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