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[1.12] Itemmodel changes without Metadata


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When using ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation it requires a Meta value, but if I want to create an item like the clock or compass with a huge amount of Textures for one item, how would I do it?


I've been reading through the compass and clock item classes but can't seem to get a grip of it. Is minecraft doing something else than using this.addPropertyOverride(new ResourceLocation("time"), new IItemPropertyGetter() to change the texture of the item based on a variable? I am calculating the variable based on an nbttag of the item that is to change textures of that helps.

Do i need to update the item constantly for it to change textures?

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5 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

No, that is fine. Alternatively, if you don't want property overrides, but actual different models, you can use ModelLoader.setCustomMeshDefinition instead of setCustomModelResourceLocation and call ModelBakery.registerItemVariants with every model you return from the mesh definition.


Please clarify what you mean by "update".

I mean send it some input to know that it changed and has to rerender or something in that manner.

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