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1.12.2 odd behavior with custom portal


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Ok, I've been working on my own dimension for a little while now. I got the dimension working, and the portal. The odd behavior starts when actually using the portal. In creative gamemode everything works fine but in survival it places the player somewhere other than the portal on the other end. To be specific, I set a movefactor the way the nether is and in survival it drops you at the over world coordinates.


My code is available at GitHub.com/ArcAios26/nrdhrd

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Ok, so I got it working. The problem was in the code that handles player moving wrongly. I needed to set invulnerableDimensionChange to true like the game does for nether portals. I had to use reflection since it's a private variable. I haven't figured out how but twilight forest has it available as public in the EntityPlayerMP class. Any ideas? I don't really like using reflection if I can avoid it.

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