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Store recent command success / failure


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Hi all,


I was asked, if I'm able to add a tracking to my commands if they were successful or not. The user asked about pumping it into the stats command of mc.


Currently I haven't any clue for what he needs such a thing, but I'm always willing to learn. ^^


Anyway - which method is able to modify these stats?


Currently I've found:

ICommandSender.setCommandStat(CommandResultStats.Type type, int amount)

but I'm not sure if this is the right one?!


Kind regards,


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Mhh .. maybe I did something wrong.


I did the following ingame:

/scoreboard objectives add CommandStats dummy
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar CommandStats
/scoreboard players set Success CommandStats 0
/stats entity Pixtar set SuccessCount Success CommandStats


After this I executed the command which should affect SuccessCount via:

sender.setCommandStat( CommandResultStats.Type.SUCCESS_COUNT, 1 ); //sender = ICommandSender


.. but nothing changed in the scoreboard. Do I need to cast sender to EntityPlayerMP? :|


Any ideas?


I tried this one too, without any effect:

CommandResultStats crs = new CommandResultStats();
crs.setCommandStatForSender( server, sender, CommandResultStats.Type.SUCCESS_COUNT, 1 );


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Sorry for replying instead of editing, but maybe I haven't explained it very well.


I want to modify the SuccessCount of the scoreboard on my own. Mainly it should work like the following:


The following command can by typed:

/examplemod active


At night it says: Active

At day it says Inactive


If it's active I want to set the SuccessCount to 1; on inactive I want to set it to 0.


Currently I think this isn't possible to do within the execute of CommandTreeBase / CommandBase, because later in the event chain MC/Forge detects, that the command was successfully executed and overwrites my previously set number.


Any ideas how to ship around this?

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