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The simplest way to display an animation on a block


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I'm creating a TV set for my radio propagation mod and I found it problematic to display an animation on the TV. I want the 300-frames animation to be played on the front of TV block. When I was creating a prototype TV screen as a part of GUI, I could update frames by simply overwriting them and I got the TV set working. But if it goes to a real block, not a GUI texture, things get complicated. I can't just update texture every frame because a texture is preloaded in preInit. I found that Metadata can be helpful with animated textures, but only for up to 16 frames. I also found a json solution, but I want my TV channels be switchable and time-synchronized. The only idea I have is to not interfere with TV textures itselves but render a textured rectangle in front of a TV block and update it every frame. But still having no idea how to do that.

Reminding that my goal is just to see an animation like it is shown on the block. Any ideas?


I'm still coding for Minecraft 1.7.10, I know it is not longer supported here, so I can take the answer from the newer versions (like 1.8 or 1.12), eventually I can change Forge to a newer version.

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