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[1.10.2][SOLVED?] Very simple block lighting question


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I know it's 1.10.2, but it's a very simple question, please.

I've been searching for a while, and I've tested the following functions (these functions are called in a PlayerTickEvent)


IBlockState.getLightValue(WorldClient, BlockPos)

World.getCombinedLight(blockPos, lightValue)




All I want to find out is a way to get the Block light level that appears on the debug screen:




The block light value level that changes as you move around.


I must be missing something, the results I get from debugging are really uncertain, most of the time they show 0, but if the player is standing on a block right next to a torch, sometimes the light value will catch 14, and sometimes it won't.




I still haven't tested if this is exactly what I want, but by using the source of this file from this mod: (https://github.com/oldjunyi/LightLevelOverlayReloaded/blob/1.12/src/main/java/com/mmyzd/llor/OverlayPoller.java)

I've managed to get the block light, apparently it's gotta be based on the CHUNK, not on the world.


Chunk chunk = w.getChunkFromChunkCoords(player.chunkCoordX, player.chunkCoordZ);
int light = chunk.getLightFor(EnumSkyBlock.BLOCK, player.getPosition());


That's what I've done for now, in the future I'll add more checks, but at least I've managed to find something that patches the problem.

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Maybe I found the solution
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