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Animal Realm |1.12.2/ Modded/ Survival/ PvE/ Land claim/ Shops/ Community


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Animal Realm is a new PVE, modded server which is in a simple but realistic animal themed survival world, where animals are the only mobs you will see.
Claim your land, tame your animals and build anything you so desire. Animal Realm is in need of animal lovers and friendly players.




animalrealm@mcsoft.org (modpack default server)




get help with joining the server, keep up to date and be a part of the community by joining us on Discord




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6/18/2018 -------- Server Patch Note

1) Add vanillia horse and vanilla sheep back into the world
2) Adjust animals growth and gestation rate
3) Add new items to Magma and Magnus' shops
4) There shall be rain (beware of skeleton horse trap though)
5) Server will now reset every 8 hours 00:00, 08:00, 16:00 (all time in UTC)
6) The Animal Realm Server Bot is now online on the Read-Only Server Channel 
(you can see server online hours and number of players online by looking at the channel topic message)
7) Kicking off our first community event, check out #community-event

If you are interested in building towns, buildings, zoo ,etc. you might find this community event interesting
I will update here with more information on the community event

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Update information on the community event, it is a builder event!


Your build may turn in to a warp point depends on community vote. Note that we do not have plan for server reset, so your build is likely to last as long as server stands :D

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