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[Solved] Vanilla armor renderer for wearable items


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I've created custom wearable items (that do not extend ItemArmor) and I want them to use the vanilla armor model/renderer. I've gathered that I need to override Item#getArmorTexture and Item#getArmorModel to return a model, however the closest I could find to a vanilla armor model was LayerArmorBase and LayerArmorBiped which I can't use. I tried looking at both the Item and ItemArmor classes, but found nothing there.


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Ok I figured out that armor has its own render layer and the Item#getArmorTexture, Item#getArmorModel methods are used in said layer. All vanilla layers are attached to the player renderer in its constructor. I made a custom render layer for my items, however I don't know how to attach it to the player renderer. I've thought about using the RenderPlayerEvent, but that fires every render tick. I could also attach it during post init, but I'm not sure if that's a good way.

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