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★League of Prison★ (Prison Server) [24/7] ⍟ Quests ⍟ McMMO ⍟ RPG ⍟ Dungeons ⍟


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Play League of Legends or Prison? Wanna be Challenger in League of Legends but there are too many toxic people & it's really hard? 
Tired of playing typical prison servers with no new niche in it?

Well, you can now in League of Prison! Starting from Unranked (instead of 'A' Rank) you can mine & earn money to rank all the way up to Challenger!
We have dungeons & bosses to be killed!
[You can earn extra cash & Loot!]
You can watch the trailer too!
Just like any other Prison Servers, mine your way & earn money to the top! But with every rank-up, you will get a Sponge. Using Sponges, you can use them to get crate keys to different type of Crates! There are different kind of crates such as: Rare Summon, 4 Star Crate, Pickaxe Crate! Each crate gives special kinds of Pickaxes & Armor inspired by League of Legends & RuneScape!
You can as well get Sponges by doing Quests by your favourite League of Legends Champions! Such as Yasuo, Zed, Teemo & more!
Join our Discord Server for Updates about the server!

Play now & with the IP:



League of Prison - Trailer



If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask in Discord or here!
Hope you join!














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