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Crashing in 1.12.2 (The Llama of Doom?)


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My crash report:

This happened while I was killing a llama with a noteblock hat from the Hats mod. If I recall correctly it spit at me and then my game crashed. I've tried rejoining the world 4 times and all times I'll hear the llama make a sound and then the game crashes. I have no mods that affect llamas. I was generating new chunks at the time and was in a bat morph from the Metamorph mod. I have 56 mods on and have encountered no problems at all besides this one with the mods. I have Optifine and Foamfix (mod that drastically lowers Minecraft's memory usage with no affect ingame or with graphics). If you need anymore information just ask and I apologize if I put too much info in this post, its 3:00 AM and I'm about to go to bed. 

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