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Error during attempt to join server


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Joining the server is interrupted with an error:
" Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.io.IIOException: Packet 0/63 (SpacketEntityEquipment) was larger than I expected, found 4 bytes extra whlist reading packet 63 ".

The server works stably despite small shortages, i.e. no translations for some mods, same client in SP mode. The problem appears in attempt to join server. Server logs show that I join server successfully, then my player drops the item and leaves the game.

After a little research I found website about path to FML 1.7.1 (link:)

error is the same except for the value of the packet (in that error was 65536 bytes, instead 4 bytes in my error) in that case, the comments showed that the problem would pass.
The leader of that topic explain that it was enough to increase size of the packet to 2 megs in size.

Thanks  in advance.


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Sorry about that, link for client logs :

BTW  I wanted to say what happened with today's attempt to join the server. 
I could move around in the world for about a minute, then the same error, BUT when I wrote a command in the server's line that teleported me to the first spawn location, again I could stay in the world and again about  minute, this time I did not move even a step, and so I jumped out with error on screen. 
Although I am on the remnants of the RAM of my computer but 1gb in the store should be enough I think (already ordered 8gb extention). Server has 3gb reserved, client 2gb, entering command "memory" in server gui pops up info about 700mb to1gb free space.

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Server is working steadily for now, I have not removed any mod, but I found one extra library in the flan's mod files. Which is not in mods folder actualy.
Thanks alot for all support ( maybe even unnecessary, it should be first think to check all mods and disable each one by one)
Sorry for trouble, I think You can close thic topic.

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