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Look handler for boat


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Can anyone point me to how looking without affecting movement is handled? Like how the player can look around while moving in a boat?


EDIT: never mind the horse.. it moves the direction you move the mouse. I forgot.


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I might need to be more clear in my intent. I want to control the camera without changing the orientation of the body. So if you are walking straight, and you mvoe the mouse, you will continue to walk straight but the camera will change direction.

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Talking to myself :) but this gets close to what I want..

	public static void controlCamera(CameraSetup e) {
		if (keyPressed == true) {
			if (e.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer) {


The problem is that it is based on the pixels of x and y. I need to figure out how to get it to match the player's sensitivity and also apply clamping properly.

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