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All Textures are Black

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I started having this problem on a modded minecraft server, its a custom modpack the a friend and myself made. At first it would happen occasionally when i would explore but now the game starts with it. All of the textures in the world will be black, any transparent sections would remain transparent. I have a picture of the issue below. I looked it up and there was a lot about setting mipmaps to 0, i already have mipmaps at 0 and i even changed them at one point to see what would happen. I messed with all the video settings to see if anything would fix it. 

My graphics card is an AMD Radeon R7 200 Series and i recently updated my drive software in hopes that it would solve the issue, im not the only one i know with the issue either and the other person has another amd radeon, tho i dont know the exact model. The modpack is a 1.12.2 modpack


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