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Friendly Survival Featuring Lightly Modded, Friendly, dedicated and now on Technic!


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Welcome to Friendly Survival!   



Server Features 

  • Everything you would expect from a solid server! Such as but not limited to 24x7 operation, regular backups, dedicated site and staffing and so much more! 
  • Friendly for everyone and lightly modded. Yet offer hours upon hours of fun, as we even have skills now! 
  • Minimal restrictions, we don't police the contents we rather police the people where needed. So you are free to burn a forest down with a fully armed flamethrower! Just as long as no one or their properties get damaged in the rampage. :)  
  • Plus so much more! 

Mods in custom pack... 

Please check out our main Technic posting for the "main mods" and to download too 


Before anyone complains about the licensing, Please check the Permission tab. :)

Interested of jumping into the action? Just download the pack above and it will take you right there on complete start up!

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Changed Information to be more compact and etc.



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A lot of things had happened in the last few days as there were unexpected happenings with the old provider's control panel so...  


Not only did I swap providers but I also went ahead added ALL of the mods suggested over at https://www.friendlysurvival.com/forum/view_topic/?tid=4#post-5 !   


So hopefully this will be much smoother run from here on out! :)



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Major mods' updating, including fixing some potential crashing errors.  

A skill mod called GokiStats! So now your EXP is worth even more than ever! But don't worry the death setting is turned off so hours of labor don't ends up in the drain! The mod had also been buffered as well.  :) 


To get on simply follow the instructions posted on the website's thread https://www.friendlysurvival.com/forum/view_topic/?tid=5



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Long story short as this moderator "ColdVibes" was forced to be discharged as moderator as he was refusing or delaying the process of transferring the ownership of the discord server to me. As he stated to me at the beginning it would be my and the community's usage.  

I will make a new one a little bit later but it truly sad that I has to take such drastic actions so quickly. :(



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