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Ubercraft is back after 3 years away. Come join us!


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TO CONNECT USE: ubercraft.serverminer.com

UberCraft is a multi-gamemode server looking for dedicated and friendly players to join our network! We currently have:

-An amazing spawn that we built ourselves where you can find rooms that contain the server rules, staff, donation perks, stats, gamemode portals, and more.

-A unique Survival/Adventure Mode: Your typical Minecraft Survival world with an adventure twist. Survival is currently the most popular server on the network. I've hidden chests, arenas, dungeons, and custom made buildings for you to explore and conquer. There is a grief protection system so you can protect your land. You can buy additional claim blocks or acquire more as you play the server. If you do not have enough claim blocks we also have Lockette so you can lock up your valuables without the fear of someone looting your chests. Players can also make their own shops to buy and sell their goods with each other. We also have a general store in the spawn. There are several ways to get money, from our chat reaction plugin, to loot chests and monsters, and voting. There is also a tree assist plugin, lottery chests, slot machines, luckyblocks, and silk spawners. MCMMO is also enabled in Survival due to popular demand. There are many other plugins in the Survival world but you get the idea. 

-Creative: Your typical PlotMe style creative world with 100x100 plots where you can build your own masterpiece on a designated plot of land. When done building, ask Ladranaa, the owner to put your build on the server's Instagram. Donators get world edit access. 

-Skyblock: In addition to the average Skyblock realm, there is a skyshop where players can sell their extra materials or buy items for their islands. Invite your friends to your island and help each other build. Monsters also drop money in Skyblock. There are 3 different kinds of islands you can choose to start with depending on how difficult you want your game to be.

Vote for the server and earn in game cash or server tokens that can be used to purchase items with the command /token shop. Active staff and the owner are on every day. Donor ranks are available and are universal. You can also donate for many other things! Donate for in-game cash, server tokens, crate keys for the lottery chests, pets, disguises, mob spawners for Skyblock, extra block protection, world edit, flight in Survival, nicknames, prefixes, and much more. Recruiters are also given in game rewards and a unique title! Come check us out and tell us what you think!

The owner and dedicated staff are online every day to help with any problems you might have.

IP: ubercraft.serverminer.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ubercraftmc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ubercraft2

Email us at [email protected] with any suggestions or questions or visit our website http://ubercraftmc.com

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