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Mindless Mining - First ever HUGE modded server running on forge - Looking for staff and early access players!


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Mindless Mining - The First Huge Modded Minecraft Server with Custom Game Modes gives a whole new Minecraft Experience.
Now looking for Staff and Early Access Players!
Mindless Mining is a server project which is set to launch during Fall (Oct-Nov).
We have cherry picked plugins and mods, and now have a server with more than 10,000 blocks!
After 3 months of developing we are soon ready to take on Staff and Early Access players.
How Mindless Mining is unique:
We offer a unique spawn which instead of only being a hub for game modes, is also a part of a Survival game mode which you have never seen it before, with custom AI, global goals and new interactions between players. Along side with the Wilderness Survival we offer Society Survival, a brand new game mode only found on the Mindless Network. Society survival is our attempt to bring all our game modes together. Climb to the top of the Mindless Network's society and receive privileges to affect many global variables in the game mode.
What we currently offer and future plans:
We offer future Early Access Players to join the new established community. We'll make sure to keep you informed about all development, bug fixes and changes!
All members of our Discord channel will receive special gifts upon server release, and will get access to come online to try out game modes and test mods, long before anyone else!
Our future game modes will be:
| Wilderness Survival | Society Survival | Factions | Skyking | Prison | Puzzle | Creative |
With many more!
We are also searching for future staff.
To make sure we have the best staff possible we will begin early interviews during the next couple of weeks.
You'll need to have an OK computer, as the mods needs a bit of hardware power.
Make sure to join our Discord Channel to stay informed!
We are Mindless Mining
The next generation Minecraft server
Join us now and stay tuned!
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