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More "While we wait".. How do you use your minecraft???


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About ten years ago; I think it was during the alpha 1.3 period my housemate and I were playing on a server called My Gaming Insanity when it crashed. We knew it would be down for a few days so he and I tossed together our first server. At the time i could barely dig a hole ( and that still sort of holds true ) But it was fun building and watching other people have fun too.. We had everything from Staurn V Rockets to a reconstruction of Troy 7A ( to scale ) in there, and this was when each block had to be placed by hand.. Over time, our focus shifted from just being a temp replacement for MGI to making a kind of amusement park, only too human scale. We had seen some incredible things that others had done via youtube and were in awe, but their sczale was immense and we didnt want that. Besides, making something to normal scale seemed like a bigger challenge. So here it is, some ten years later and we finally have a public server thats not located on my personal machine. The Saturn V's are still there, Troy is still there and thanks to my roommate, we have an automated cart system stretching nearly fifteen kilometers, but truth told, folks have moved on and kids have grown up and i find myself being the only person on the server.. But still, I work on. Heres a few pics of mine. Please! Show me and tell me about yours.. 















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