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java.lang.StackOverflowError id mapping went crazy please help me fix this


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Crash report is here: https://paste.dimdev.org/utehebibec.mccrash


When i try to open up a world like my survival world it crashes then it shows this error java.lang.StackOverflowError. It always had that crash report when i open up only my specific world. It only does it too one one my survival worlds. I have been having that same crash report every time i load up that world with those versions of those mods. Or if i load up any versions of ender io after version 1.12.2-5.0.29 with that world it makes the world crash. I get the same crash report every time. I tried everything to fix it. I have been having that issue with ender io mod for almost 2 years now. I get a crash report something like this one about java.lang.StackOverflowError when adding some other mods or updating other mods. Like adding thaumcraft or some other mods that add in a lot of blocks. When i tried to update every single mod which i succeeded on. It still has the same problem but with a different crash report. I did manage to get the crash report on that one also. I just dont remember which one it was. Every time i try to up date some type of mods or add certain mods it makes my survival world get destroyed. It only happens to one of my worlds. Its like the id mapping went crazy and blocks got switched to other blocks from other mods, because they did do that every single block almost. It just does not happen in one area it happens all over. I even tried switching dims to another dim that was not like that and it still crashed me. The reason why is because it even messes up my RFTools dims. The only blocks that stayed like it was meant to be was in the end and most blocks in the nether. I dont even take fall damage at all ether. My survival world gets messed up big time in the id mapping every time i try to update some types of mods or add only certain types of mods. I was able to update some mods like all the thermal mods and other types of mods. Only certain mods that i try to update ruins my world. I did not have this problem before but now after 2 years later i tried to update all the mods to the right dates that does not make my game crash when launching it. I then did that then i tried to open up this one survival world. After i opened up this world all the id mapping just got scrambled up when updating some of my mods.


Here is a pic i got when my world was still working. 47806038-03494880-dcf6-11e8-918c-c82174a

When i add a mod like thaumcraft or update some mods imagine all these blocks got changed with other blocks or fluids from other mods.


See this this is a steppe biome. 47806221-6fc44780-dcf6-11e8-8c02-e2c43a1

Imagine all these blocks get changed to fence gates or doors or some blocks get changed to a fluid from other mods when i update other mods or add new mods like thaumcraft.


Here is a pic i got last time i tried to do this. 47807033-51f7e200-dcf8-11e8-9b5c-5776e6f


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