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public static CommonProxy proxy;

Common proxy makes no sense, proxies exist to separate sided-only code. If your code is common then it goes anywhere else but your proxy.



serverSide = Reference.COMMON_PROXY_CLASS

This makes even less sense. A server proxy either contains noop implementation for client only stuff or references to server-only classes that would crash the client in a similar way how model registration crashes the server. A common proxy can't be your server proxy.



public static final Block collectorMK4 = new CollectorBase(4, cTab);

Don't use static initializers ever. Instantinate your stuff directly in the appropriate registry event.



GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(CollectorMK4Tile.class, Reference.MOD_ID + ":collector_mk1");

Don't use this outdated method of registering your TEs. Use the overload that takes a ResourceLocation instead.


Why are your blocks and items declared in two separate places(ObjectHandler and ModBlocks/ModItems)? This makes no sense because they are different objects/instances of the same class where only one is registered.



implements IHasModel

IHasModel is stupid. All Items need models, no exceptions and nothing about model registration requires access to private/protected things. Register your models in the ModelRegistryEvent directly.


You are registering your items/blocks twice. Once in the RegistryHandler, once in the ObjectHandler. You also have your Item/Block classes copied in two packages, the projecteplus one and the gameObjs one. Please structure your mod/repository correctly.


38 minutes ago, RoyalReject said:

why the gui will not open up

Maybe I am blind here but I can't see any class in your repository that would implement IGuiHandler. The GUI/Container pair won't magically open itself just becaue you've invoked EntityPlayer#openGui. You need a registered IGuiHandler implementation.

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