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Place a (Block) Sign at BlockPos


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Apologies for the super-n00b question — but despite looking at the docs and checking out a few sample mod, I haven't been able to figure out how to get a mod to automatically place a block (in particular a `BlockStandingSign`) at a given `BlockPos`.


Would anyone have an example somewhere, or could point me to the relevant part of the Forge docs?


Thanks in advance!

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23 hours ago, V0idWa1k3r said:

World#setBlockState. For the flags parameter description refer to the javadoc on the method. To get the IBlockState you can use Block#getDefaultState and then change the properties(if needed) of that state.

Thanks.  I was on the right path, but it seems I probably had messed up my `BlockPos` calculation.


For posterity, here is what I finally came up with, which seems to work ok:

                World overworld = server.getWorld(0);

                BlockPos blockPosition = overworld.getSpawnPoint();
                logger.info("World: " + overworld.getClass());

                BlockPos tmp = blockPosition;
                while (!overworld.isAirBlock(tmp)) {
                    tmp = tmp.up();

                Block blockStandingSign = Blocks.STANDING_SIGN;
                overworld.setBlockState(tmp, blockStandingSign.getDefaultState()
                        .withProperty(BlockStandingSign.ROTATION, 0));

                TileEntity tileEntity = overworld.getTileEntity(tmp);
                if (tileEntity instanceof TileEntitySign) {
                    TileEntitySign tileEntitySign = (TileEntitySign) tileEntity;
                    tileEntitySign.signText[0] = new TextComponentString("tychobrailleur");


Happy to hear suggestions/improvement if any.

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