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[1.5]Adding Textures gives Errors


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//EDIT: Seems like the problem got solved now ... It still doesn't work with 1.5.0 but it now works with 1.5.1 .... forge can be weird sometimes :x



So ... Everytime I add a 16x16 texture into "/mods/testmod/textures/blocks" (or /items etc) Eclipse is starting to give me errors in some sound files.

First I thought I might be using a wrong mcp/forge version or it has to do something with my mod ...

But I'm using already the latest mcp version (MCP742) and the recommended forge version (1.5- ...

To be sure that it wasn't my mod causing the error I made a completly new MCP folder etc. But even then It gives me errors in the sound files when I not even touched anything inside eclipse :x ...


The Files that are giving me the errors are:


- (net.minecraft.client.audio) CodecMus.java, SoundManager.java


- (net.minecraftforge.client) ModCompatibilityClient.java


- (paulscode.sound.codecs) CodecIBXM.java


Does anyone know why that happend ?

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Alright I was now able to test if it works when I let forge install mcp ...

But I didn't worked  :'( ...

There has to be a weird problem because as soon as I remove the textures out of the folders, the errors are gone too ...

Does anybody else know what the problem could be?  :-\

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