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Thoughts on minecraft plus unreal UDK3


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Background: I'm not some newb 14 year old with vague dreams:I'm a 40-year old with 20 years of programming experience  ;)


I've poked around a bit on the web, seeing if there is any credible kind of "minecraft on UDK" effort going on... and there does not seem to be.

I think it could potentially be a great thing to experience, so I'm looking around for people who have both some amount of relevant skill, plus motivation, to start work on something with me.


Seems like minecraftforge would potentially be an ideal place to get some people together who are serious about making things happen.


As an interesting example of something that wasnt "properly" done, but just to see how it might look, this guy did an interesting mock-up:



Doesnt the water (and grass blocks) look fantastic?


I'm a very practical-minded guy: I know how to set realistic milestones for projects. So I'm thinking an initial target would be some kind of very basic "survival" world, with limited play area, and limited blocks. (10,000x10,000x300?) (20 different material types?)

Initially, there would be no in-game editor. World editing would have to be done with the UDK editor.


Initial people needs, would be at least one person with a minor bit of experience with 3d creation in (3ds/maya/blender/something importable by UDK)

I myself have 3ds and maya available to me. But I'm more of a programmer than an artist :D



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