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MTS Transportation Simulator Mod help


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Hey Folks!

    I'm new to this forum, and have been enjoying playing Minecraft with my kids. Recently my son saw a video by "Mr. Crayfish" where he has a mod that lets you build and fly planes. We found the mod, followed the instructions and downloaded it with fair success. It's a mod built by Don Bruce, if that helps. But we ran into a couple of different issues. And I did RTFM, as was recommended. LOL!!

   What was different about our download is that some things seem to be missing. The manual for ours only goes to a certain number of pages, and says you have to complete the build before the plane will fly. Meaning wheels, seats, engine, prop, instrumentation and even fueling (which I have no info on how to do). In Mr. Crayfish's video, he slaps down a plane, puts on wheels, seats, engine and prop, and takes off!!  No instruments, no fueling. In another video (can't remember who at the moment), the guy sets his plane up, and completes the build (everything mentioned above plus instruments). BUT, he has an engine option that requires "no fuel".  Both guy's manuals have more pages, and Crayfish's even shows the items needed per plane to build them.

   The best we can get out of ours is a complete plane, turn on the magnetos, hit the start button, and the engine cranks over, the prop starts to spin, then it just peters out to a stop. And it won't even try to start the second time. I'm almost certain we either loaded an earlier version with a bug they now have a mod for, or we got the right version but it's missing a packet somewhere.


   Is anyone else using, or has used this sim mod with success that can suggest what our problem might be?   If it helps, here's the info I get at start up for Minecraft since installing the mod:

1.12.2-forge 1.12.2-  There is also an "update" showing to be installed, but I'm too PC illiterate to know how to properly install it. My wife is pretty savoy at programming and got the mod installed initially, so when she has time we'll try that update and see if it fixes it. But in the meantime......


Thanks in advance for any help!!!


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