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Looking for additional modders. Small team big project. Full mod goals laid out in description.


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     My friend Championash5357 and I are working on a large mod project however due to time constraints we are not getting much work done and are looking to get some help with the project.

     I am currently the artist for the mod and main designer while championash is the main coder. 

     Our project goal has several parts and goals. 

1. Add new damage and armor system with different damage resistances (slash, bash, pierce)

2. Add a new variety of weapons and armor to take advantage of this new system while also adding new metal tiers with unique properties.

3. Expand world generation and add new mobs to expand out exploration options as well as implement new armor and weapons into the world. 

4.add our own dimension based on sky lands, preferably with an inverse land to water design to the overworld. I.e. where there would be ocean in overwork there will be strange land in this dimension, where there would be land would be open sky with islands where lakes and rivers would be. This last part is optional, skyland dimension is intended.

5. Possibly add randomly generated gear with random defense stats that use a muted version of one of the existing textures. 

6. Attempt to implement compatibility between this mod and as many other mods as possible (thacraft, tinkers construct, ext.)


anyone who who makes it this far and is interested in this mod idea I have limited funds but will be willing to act as a benefactor as best I can. I will have more funds with which to pay those who are interested soon if you would like to help please message me on discord. I can also provide sample art if needed. If you require pay let me know so that I can work out how much you will need and if I am able to afford your services. 


Discord: Void_Guardian #6720

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