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Are there vaules to change the dye-colors (for banner)


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In a video i saw, that i can add a folder "mcpatcher" with a file "color.properties" to my resource-pack to change some colors like text-colors and some others, wich are no texture-files.


are there some code-lines for this file, for changing the appearence of the 16 dye-colors?

Because i will change the appearence of theese colors on banners and shields.

For sample i want the bright yellow with the vaules

R: 255

G: 255

B: 0

for the dandelion yellow dye.


is there any way to manage this?

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@ #UncleDrew4LIFE

Banners are already in the game.


@ all

I installed optifine and can start an optifine-version of Minecraft 1.13.2 from my official launcher.

What must i do now to get my "color.properties" to work?

It´s still in the folder "mcpatcher" in my resource-pack.

Must i put it into another location?

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Today I tryed to install optifine into forge this way:



Now i found out, that i hat to put my color-values into the matching file inside a preview optifine package of the actual version.


to do this, i had to unpack the jar-file.

But how do i pack it into a jar file again?


i tryed an online rar to jar tool, but with this file in the mods-folder of my minecraft forge version, it does not appear in the mods-list ingame and i see no color changes while playing.



he original jar-file also is not shown there

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