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Biomes to be generated in dimension


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I'm following this tutorial for creating a dimension but I don't know how to make biomesForGeneration my own list of biomes.

Here is my code:

public class FelChunkGenerator implements IChunkGenerator {

    private final World worldObj;
    private Random random;
    private Biome[] biomesForGeneration;

    private List<Biome.SpawnListEntry> mobs = Lists.newArrayList(new Biome.SpawnListEntry(EntityZombie.class, 100, 2, 2));

    private MapGenBase caveGenerator = new MapGenCaves();
    private NormalTerrainGenerator terraingen = new NormalTerrainGenerator();

    public FelChunkGenerator(World worldObj) {
        this.worldObj = worldObj;
        long seed = worldObj.getSeed();
        this.random = new Random((seed + 516) * 314);
        terraingen.setup(worldObj, random);
        caveGenerator = TerrainGen.getModdedMapGen(caveGenerator, InitMapGenEvent.EventType.CAVE);

    public Chunk generateChunk(int x, int z) {
        ChunkPrimer chunkprimer = new ChunkPrimer();

        // Setup biomes for terraingen
        this.biomesForGeneration = this.worldObj.getBiomeProvider().getBiomesForGeneration(this.biomesForGeneration, x * 4 - 2, z * 4 - 2, 10, 10);
        terraingen.generate(x, z, chunkprimer);

        // Setup biomes again for actual biome decoration
        this.biomesForGeneration = this.worldObj.getBiomeProvider().getBiomes(this.biomesForGeneration, x * 16, z * 16, 16, 16);
        // This will replace stone with the biome specific stones
        terraingen.replaceBiomeBlocks(x, z, chunkprimer, this, biomesForGeneration);

        // Generate caves
        this.caveGenerator.generate(this.worldObj, x, z, chunkprimer);

        Chunk chunk = new Chunk(this.worldObj, chunkprimer, x, z);

        byte[] biomeArray = chunk.getBiomeArray();
        for (int i = 0; i < biomeArray.length; ++i) {
            biomeArray[i] = (byte)Biome.getIdForBiome(this.biomesForGeneration[i]);

        return chunk;

    public void populate(int x, int z) {
        int i = x * 16;
        int j = z * 16;
        BlockPos blockpos = new BlockPos(i, 0, j);
        Biome biome = this.worldObj.getBiome(blockpos.add(16, 0, 16));

        // Add biome decorations (like flowers, grass, trees, ...)
        biome.decorate(this.worldObj, this.random, blockpos);

        // Make sure animals appropriate to the biome spawn here when the chunk is generated
        WorldEntitySpawner.performWorldGenSpawning(this.worldObj, biome, i + 8, j + 8, 16, 16, this.random);

    public boolean generateStructures(Chunk chunkIn, int x, int z) {
        return false;

    public List<Biome.SpawnListEntry> getPossibleCreatures(EnumCreatureType creatureType, BlockPos pos) {
        // If you want normal creatures appropriate for this biome then uncomment the
        // following two lines:
//        Biome biome = this.worldObj.getBiome(pos);
//        return biome.getSpawnableList(creatureType);

        if (creatureType == EnumCreatureType.MONSTER){
            return mobs;
        return ImmutableList.of();


    public BlockPos getNearestStructurePos(World worldIn, String structureName, BlockPos position, boolean findUnexplored) {
        return null;

    public boolean isInsideStructure(World worldIn, String structureName, BlockPos pos) {
        return false;

    public void recreateStructures(Chunk chunkIn, int x, int z) {


can anyone help me?

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