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Pushing energy to modded cables/machines.


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How would I push energy to modded cables/machines?
I know using:

te.hasCapability(CapabilityEnergy.ENERGY, side)

I can check if it can receive energy, but I cannot push to it as I do not know how I would.

Current 1.12.2 energy types that I know of (and would like to be able to push to):





I know how to push to FE, I can just check if it implements IEnergyStorage and call the push method, but what about RF and Tesla? I would also like it to work with EnderIO, but I have no idea how to add support for EnderIO either because the conduits don't have any energy methods or implement any capability interfaces.

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        IEnergyStorage energyStorage = te.getCapability(CapabilityEnergy.ENERGY, EnumFacing.NORTH);
        if (energyStorage.canReceive()) {
            int max = Math.max(speicher, 64000);
                int amount = energyStorage.receiveEnergy(max, true);
                if (amount > 0) {
                    amount = energyStorage.receiveEnergy(max, false);
                    speicher -= max;


simple example.

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