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Meta data items registering with the same name


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Here is my loop in my preInit()


for(int i = 0; i < ItemGems.getIconLength(); i++)
		LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(Main.gemItems, 1, i), ItemGems.getIconFileName(i, true));



public static int getIconLength()
    	return iconLength;//always returns 13


public static String getIconFileName(int index)
	return getIconFileName(index, false);
    public static String getIconFileName(int index, boolean getSplitName)
    	String i = 
			index == 12 ? "Topaz" :
			index == 11 ? "Smoked Topaz" :
			index == 10 ? "Ruby" :
			index == 9 ? "Pad Paradsha" :
			index == 8 ? "Mint Alabaster" :
			index == 7 ? "Indicolite" :
			index == 6 ? "Hyasinth" :
			index == 5 ? "Garnet" :
			index == 4 ? "Fire Opal" :
			index == 3 ? "Carribean Blue Opal" :
			index == 2 ? "Blue Sapphire" :
			index == 1 ? "Black Jet" :
			index == 0 ?  "Black Diamond" :
			"you broke somthing";
    	if(getSplitName == false && i != "you broke somthing") i = i.replaceAll(" ", "");
	return i;


getSplitName when false returns the behind the scenes name and true returns the item name the user will see


for some reason it will always name the item Topaz.


first of all I thought it was my ternary statement but if this was the case the icons themselves would not register.


also it cant be the true/false removing white-space because the items would still be named differently they would just be named with their white-space removed.

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ok so i added a overide function for getLocalizedName


    public String getLocalizedName(ItemStack par1ItemStack)
    	return getIconFileName(par1ItemStack.getItemDamage(), true);


but stepping trough teh debugger the override i have made gets thrown out the window when Item.getItemDisplayName() calls it by using this thus it is registered as ""

public String getItemDisplayName(ItemStack par1ItemStack)
        return ("" + StringTranslate.getInstance().translateNamedKey(this.getLocalizedName(par1ItemStack))).trim();


I have tried a few methods but they have all failed so I am wondering how i would set a unlocalisedName for all of my sub items.


or better yet a page with an explanation on how it works so that if i run into the problem again i know why its doing what it is doing


note: typing this on my phone there may be bad spellings

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public String getItemDisplayName(ItemStack is)
	switch (is.getItemDamage())
		case 0: return "Topaz";
		case 1: return "Smoked Topaz";
		case 2: return "Ruby";
		case 3: return "Pad Paradsha";
                //Etc Etc. I know they aren't in the right order, but oh well. You get the point.
	return "Unknown Gem Item";

The enders are everywhere. You can't escape...

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