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[1.13.2] Optional client/server mod : Handshake issues


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I'm creating a mod that is optional on the server and on the client. Basically, a player using my mod can join a vanilla server, and a vanilla player can join a server where my mod is installed. The only thing my mod registers are network channels, and they are made to accept any version on the server and the client.


But I want to find a way to detect if a player has installed my mod (from the server) and if the server has installed my mod (from the client).
Someone told me to use a handshake packet.

On the client I would simply create a boolean variable that equals true if the client correctly recieves the handshake from the server.
On the server I would create a Set<UUID> to tell which player has the mod installed. If the server correctly recieves the handshake from the client, it adds the player to the set. When the player disconnects, he's removed from the set.


I've looked at how Forge manages the handshake.
I created my own SimpleChannel for the handshake and I registered the S2C and the C2S message using the MessageBuilder. For the S2C one I used buildLoginPacketList.
In the S2C message handler, I reply with the C2S message. In both handlers, I mark the packet as handled.
When I start my SP world, I see the handshake in the log. But after my handshake is done, the screen is stuck on the "Loading world" screen, and it disconnects me because it "Took too long to log in".


I think I forgot something but I don't know what. I have to somehow tell that the handshake is done, but I can't find how. Does someone know what could I have forgot ?


Packet registration : https://github.com/Franckyi/IBE-Editor/blob/c54278cbdd6164ee85feaa1305a8cc38722e9a75/src/main/java/com/github/franckyi/ibeeditor/network/IBENetworkHandler.java#L63
Packet handling : https://github.com/Franckyi/IBE-Editor/blob/c54278cbdd6164ee85feaa1305a8cc38722e9a75/src/main/java/com/github/franckyi/ibeeditor/network/IBEHandshakeMessages.java#L41

Handshake log : https://hastebin.com/fopirelaxu.cs

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