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AnnwnRP | 1.13.2 | Medieval Roleplay | Looking for players and event team


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AnnwnRP is a 1.13.2 greylist, survival, and open-world server that strives to foster a unique and high quality roleplay experience. We have: 


Roleplay warps
50+ Races
Tons of Lore!
Arena PVP
Active Staff


Server IP: annwnrp.net
Server Website: https://www.annwnrp.com/
Server Discord: https://discord.gg/8nmvncF


We are currently looking for more players as well as an event team!
To become a player, simply hop on the server at annwnrp.net


If you are interested in becoming part of our event team (you must have a discord and be over 13!), please familiarize yourself with the website, lore, and server (you must also complete the tutorial on the server). After you have done that, please submit the following application to our forms section or to our email contact@annwnrp.com 

If chosen as an event team member, you will be labeled as a 'helper', be able to mute and kick, be able to hold events at your convenience, and be part of our staff calls, hangouts, and etc. 


Minecraft Username: 
How familiar are you with the lore?: 
What types of events are you interested in running?: 
How often would you be able to run events?: 
Can you build your own set/scene, or will you need help with that aspect?: 
What is your level of roleplay experience?: 
What is your level of staff experience?:

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