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☀️Vivacity Survival 1.12.2 - 1.14 ☀️ Grief Prevention ☀️ Simi-Vinilla ☀️ 24/7 ☀️ MCMMO & Jobs ☀️ Discord


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VivacityMc Survival
(Grief Prevention)
We are a grief prevention, claim survival server that has been around since early 2014. We have tons of custom items, custom plugins, dungeons, bosses, and other amenities at your exposure. There's no pvp in the main world and we have a 26 rank system that allows you to progressively rank up and earn perks.

➤ Custom plugins & items
➤ Unique crafting system
➤ 26 In-game ranks
➤ Dungeons with more bosses coming soon
➤ Player shops and limited* server-side market
➤ Greif prevention land claiming.
➤ Jobs & McMMO

➤ Resource world

➤ Fishing Contests

➤ And much, much more


➤ No cheating, hacking, exploits, etc.
➤ If your client gives you an unfair advantage, consider it against the rules.
➤ Be respectful
➤ Don't bully. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
➤ No griefing
➤ Griefing is not allowed.
➤ Watch your language
➤ No racism, no excessive swearing, so keep it at least a bit family friendly.
➤ No advertising
➤ Don't advertise, unless it is something related to VivacityMc

Have fun!
If you don't have fun, please reply to this thread! Thank you in advance!


Server ip


We appreciate feedback so please leave a review!
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