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[SOLVED]Minecraft Forge Error:Could Not Start Game


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Well basically before all this started I could run Minecraft and everything was fine until I decided to create a custom mob. I am referring to Wuppy tutorial on creating a custom mob and I fixed all the error and also looked at his 1.5.1 update where it fixed my problems. But after that, I coud'nt launch my game when I hit "Play Test" using Eclipse. Can someone explain to me why there is a problem? And please don't rage at me if I wrote something stupid in my file, I'm a noob 0_0


EDITED:NEW Crash Report which is under this post

And I'm going to post 3 of my files which is the CommonProxy, ClientProxy and Basemod files.


ClientProxy: http://pastebin.com/6JEiVXa9

CommonProxy: http://pastebin.com/gNxCWPGK

And my main mod file: http://pastebin.com/74VPX6xC


I hope I have provided enough information to find out what is wrong :P

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Realised that i copied some same text in my CommonPoxy and deleted that and in the entityfile, i did not set this:

public void onLivingUpdate()


if (this.worldObj.isDaytime() && !this.worldObj.isRemote)


            float var1 = this.getBrightness(1.0F);


            if (var1 > 0.5F && this.worldObj.canBlockSeeTheSky(MathHelper.floor_double(this.posX), MathHelper.floor_double(this.posY), MathHelper.floor_double(this.posZ)) && this.rand.nextFloat() * 30.0F < (var1 - 0.4F) * 2.0F)






        //super.onLivingUpdate(); [redundant line that makes game hangs)



And it works! :)

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