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Item Right Click = Play Music


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I know a little bit about all this stuff, probably less than most everyone on here, but I get around. Knowing what I know, I deemed it somewhat acceptable to post this question on this forum, especially since I've tried reading, watching, and learning. 

The problem is this.

I'm trying to get an item to be right clicked, make your screen bright, and play some music. That's all, and it should be simple. I'm not asking anyone to write any code or anything. Just some advice perhaps? Where I should begin? Everything is set, I've got the music in the sounds folder, I'll make a sounds.json soon. I just need someone to point me in the direction where I should start. 

How do I do this.

How do I make an item play client side music. Its *that* simple. Do I use the onItemRightClicked or all those things? I know how to make an item, how to change it's name, how to make creative tabs. Just this one simple thing is like climbing mount Everest. Can anybody help?


Edit: Version 1.7.10 using Eclipse

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