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[SOLVED][1.14] How to change a loot table dynamically?


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I am creating a new block which can contain some items,

and, now, if the block is destroyed, only the block is dropped.

I want to make it possible to drop not only the block but also items in it.

I read the code of HopperTileEntity and I think extending LocableLootTileIntity is a key,

but I cannot understand which methods are important.

Would you tell me how to change a loot table dynamically?


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I think your block needs to mimic the HopperBlock's onReplaced method. The loot information in the hopper's tile entity is for items that can have loot tables associated with them which is not what you're asking for (you just want to drop current inventory sounds like). Also check out the ChestBlock or BarrelBlock code.

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Yes, you should override your block's onReplaced() method and drop any contained items there.  Note that dropping the contents of a tile entity's inventory is a different operation from dropping the tile entity's own block (which should be done by a loot table in 1.14).


Please don't make your tile entity a subclass of LockableLootTileEntity, which uses the vanilla IInventory system.  Instead use Forge capabilities, and store your items in an IItemHandler implementation (most likely ItemStackHandler or a subclass of that).  If you insist on using vanilla IInventory, don't be surprised when people complain that your block's inventory is not accessible by any other mods...

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