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TheSettlers brand new survival adventure! [1.14.4] [17+][PVE] [PVP] [Vanila-Whitelisted]


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An unnatural wind had brought the Autumn to an unknown land untouched by mankind.

Adventurers have venture into the mainland and just a few have returned with words about monsters and friendly and hostile Villagi people.


This will be the first season of a vanilla adventure I hope to share with many adult players to share this journey with. Well hope to find amazing people to build up a nice small community with sharing Minecraft the way its meant to be.

Some enlarged pictures of the server: https://imgur.com/a/0OY365K




Currently the server will be open for whitelisted people only to get a nice adult minded community going. Server polls will be held to plan out the future course and events so also about making this community open for everyone.



I want to give and get an natural vanilla Minecraft feeling, Because of this the server will be equipped with the dire needed plugins only. The community should give feedback on plugins however what they might think could be a good addition to the overall experience.



Im hoping to find people who have a good time/talk with each other and hope to get an loose open experience. As a Settler the way you want to play is yours and you’re free to do and go as you like. Our rules are very straight forward.


*No griefing

*No cheating, x-ray, or any of other sorts.

*No stealing from others

*Don’t build things that harm the performance of the server overall, meaning big constant redstone clocks and such.

*Building at the spawn is permitted after applying, The spawn is the front page of our community and is expected to be in one style and of quality.

*If not building for the spawn heed some distance from the spawn.


Playing at TheSettlers

Whe hope to have a nice community where we can hold events, contests, and Boss fights. Every month the End will be reset so everyone can and will find their goods there.

Any ideas for events and mini games are welcome!.


Joining TheSettlers:


Currently we are whitelisted so you’ll have to fill in some details to join. I hope this way I can seek out the griefers and hackers. You can send the format to my discord RedYssel#5021 or fill it in here or both.


Applying format:




Country + Timezone:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

How much do you play:

Have you ever been kicked or banned and why?:

What do you expect of the server:

Show us some of your past builds:


Contact me in the discord for faster applying



Happy crafting!. RedYssel of TheSettlers



TheSettlers brand new survival adventure! [1.14.4] [17+][PVE] [PVP] [Vanila-Whitelisted]

Edited by RedYssel
Updated to version 1.14.4
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