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[1.12] Is there no other way to add custom mobs with animations?


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Hello! I'm getting back into the modding scene and while a lot has changed from 1.8.9, it's really fun to learn all the new things and try new methods.


My goal going into all of this is to make a massive mobs mod with at minimum a 100 mobs!!!


Of course this would take a long time but i was willing to go through the trouble (atleast for fun!) until i realized that there is no simple way to add in custom models with animations...

I am somewhat experienced with blender and was planning on making a bunch of mobs with animations and whatnot but from what i can tell, this is impossible and you have to "code" animations?

simply put, i just wanted clarity as to how difficult it would be to add ONE mob with animations.


Thank you everyone who is able to input anything negative or positive!

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So i found a forum post here, in which Choonster says that "Forge can load animations from B3D models"...


this is instantly ecstatic news and makes me extremely excited to continue my project as id be able to call animations that i can create easily in blender...


Is there anywhere i can learn to do this? I'd be willing to learn it all since i have so much free time.


Thanks again to anyone that responds!

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