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Ceres Season 2 [Quarter-Season Player Applications] {+16} {SMP}


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Hi all!
I am the Head Admin for the Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server Ceres. We have a welcoming community and a friendly staff team. We are currently looking to welcome several more players to our server, as we are currently experiencing a drop in our average player count. We currently run our server on Minecraft 1.14.4 with some minimal data packs (such as Shulkers dropping 2 shells). 

[Who can apply?] We are looking for players who are 16 years of age or older, who will follow our server rules, and be respectful to everyone, including staff. Our server rules are as follows:

  1. No griefing. This includes all forms of arson, theft, destruction of property, killing players without consent, etc.
  2. No x-ray, mapping mods, chest-finder, etc.
  3. PvP is allowed, but only if both parties agree to it.
  4. No looting other players (if they die, drop an item, etc.), or their bases (chests, item frames, placed blocks, etc.).
  5. Listen to the Staff. If you have a complaint, let us know so we can fix it.
  6. Please do not rage hard and/or freak out in either the game chat or the Discord. Conflicts between players can also be solved much faster and smoother if you just let us handle it. Thanks.
  7. If you plan on streaming/recording, and will have other players in a call, please ask then for permission first!
  8. Regularly check announcements please!
  9. The seed will not be given out, so do not ask or beg staff for it. If you need to find a slime chunk near your base, you may ask staff to find it for you.
  10. Have an enjoyable experience!

If you believe that you meet these criteria, and are still interested in joining our server, you may apply using the application below and posting it as a reply to this post. Please do not direct message us with your application.

Minecraft IGN:
Time Zone:
Playstyle (Builder, Redstone Engineer, etc.):
Version of Minecraft you started playing in (Alpha, Beta, etc.):
What you believe you can bring to the community:
Why you are interested in joining:
Approximate hours per week you expect to play (not counting long AFK sessions):
Discord (Username and Number):
Why should we consider you (minimum 30 words, maximum 200 words):

If you apply, our staff will do their best to reply to you within 72 hours of applying.

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